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You can now PRE-ORDER ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ on AMAZON for the January 2013 release:

The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America:

*If you have read the book please post a review at the Amazon link above, thank you!

Coming Jan 20th 2013:

• Softcover version, full color covers, 532 pages, including more than 40 pages of photos. – ISBN: 978-1-929399-05-5

• E-Book (not available for pre-order)

• PDF honor system download (pay what you can)

We still have a limited number of the limited edition version of the softcover and the hardcover , just click the BUY button on the top of this page. These collector editions include a book plate that is signed, numbered, and hand drawn, each is one of a kind, and includes a dog and turtle print.

In addition to the bookplate, he hardcover also includes a relief sculpture on the cover and a limited edition block print.

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EXCERPT From The Book: James Frye

James Frye:

People are afraid. Well, I don’t want to hear what so and so has got to say. People don’t want to hear what other people have to say, or they’re afraid of what people as a whole are going to think of them. Well, I don’t care! What they gonna do? We had this old saying when I was in Viet Nam, “What are you gonna do, send me to Viet Nam?” I’m already here.

~ From an interview in the book ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ by Shane and Amy Bugbee

Video clips of interview with James Frye:

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Hardcovers are now available! LOOK AT THESE COVERS!

Each cover is embellished with one of a kind art from Shane Bugbee. There are only 23 books in this edition.

Reserve Your Hardcover Now!

‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’

Shane has been hard at work making these one of a kind covers, wood burning the title plate, and using clay to make a one of a kind, 3D cover art. Each is a little different, all are beautiful, and book in this edition of only 23 books includes a hand made black book plate and a limited edition  linoprint, as well as the DVD of the movie. A bargain at twice the price!

Only 23 books available, $250 each.

Order here:

Back cover: Hardcover edition of ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’.


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EXCERPT From the Book: Timothy Wyllie

Question: Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?

 Timothy Wyllie: Oh absolutely yes. All religion is socialized spirituality, it’s a lot of people who are basically religious bureaucrats who seek to control and feast off the vulnerability of their followers, because their is something called the worship circuit, we do desire something bigger than ourselves, there is something deep inside us which wants or desires something larger than ourselves, and to cut ourselves off from that is really madness and sterility.

~ From the interview with Timothy Wyllie in the book ‘ The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’

Timothy Wyllie video from the A Year At The Wheel project:

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The Faux Banning of Books For Fame and Profit (Nice work if you can get it)

The following is an email I received from ‘The Oregonian’ a few months back while trying to get press for an event we did with revolutionary John Sinclair, artists Dave Archer and Ugly Shyla, poet Dave Densmore, Shane and I and several other “cutting edge” personalities, called WTF Fest:


Hi Amy,

 Thanks for your message and phone call. I wanted to let you know that our listings team has all the info they need to include the event in this week’s A&E.

 As far as other coverage goes, while the lineup is intriguing, we struggled a bit about highlighting the event because of the name of the festival. We don’t shy away from mentioning risque performers, but as a general-interest publication it’s our policy not to publish profanity, even in abbreviated form, unless it’s essential to the newsworthiness of the story. The compromise we came up with was that the festival will appear in the listings under Performing/Visual Arts Festival. I hope you understand.

 Best, Jillian Cohan Martin


I took this note in stride, after all I am married to the man behind Michael Hunt Publishing, and over the years we have had some serious issues with censorship and prejudice. When Shane was preparing to publish Mike Diana’s ‘Worst Of Boiled Angel’ we had printers refuse to print it – multiple printers, the one who finally did said he had employees leave while it was being printed, and one of the book’s distributors Last Gasp – who prides themselves on being edgy – actually censored the cover of the book with a sticker.

When we published the 100 year old tome ‘Might Is Right’ we again had printers refuse it, and once it was finally printed, book stores that did carry it told us the books were being vandalized and defaced, so much so a few had to put them behind the counter.

We have had a number of issues over the years. I have been refused work, we have been refused places to live because of the work Shane, and Shane and I have done. We were shunned and run out of a town while having a totally unrelated, happy go lucky, mainstream business of gourmet soda pop!

Oddly, I still never see these issues as being BANNED, I didn’t see WTF Fest as being a “Banned Event”. Banned books, I for one always considered to be the types of works brave men and women wrote, often during periods of political distress or oppression, that roused the anger of the powers that be and landed the author and/or publisher in prison. Banned is serious, banned is life endangering.

Even when people get up in arms about Mark Twain’s controversial ‘Huck Finn’, I laugh thinking of the REALLY controversial stories from him I have read over the years, but I guess since they didn’t have an outdated slang for another race they are brushed aside – funny how that works.

So when I recently read, during Banned Books week or month or what have you, that a particular author was told by a major teen focused, grocery store type magazine that they “were passing on their review because “the book contained drug use and they didn’t want to promote it to their readers.”” And THIS somehow qualified her work of literature as “Banned” I nearly wet my pants.

The article went on to define a banned book: “Books are banned in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it is a school denying a book to their students. Sometimes it is a library refusing to shelve it. Sometimes it is a media outlet refusing to review a book because of content.”

If this is what qualifies as banned when there are journalists dying in war zones, and whistleblowers are hiding in embassies for their life, then it’s fucking time for a parade of Banned Books Lovers to stop by the house with a float and a crown for my husband and the artists he has fought to keep in print over the years. In fact, bring an elephant for him to ride, he likes elephants. HE Deserves a fucking elephant ride!

I am absolutely furious, flabbergasted, and my gut is on fire over this! When I think of how Mike Diana has been beaten down  ever since he was JAILED for his comic books, his family destroyed by harassment — Where were the Banned Book lovers then? Oh right, he didn’t have a million dollar publisher and a publicist.

As we struggle to survive because of the books and artists we have supported, and especially that Shane has stood up for, for what is going on THREE DECADES, our teeth hurt, we always have to keep an eye over our shoulders, and we are both acutely aware my last layoff and subsequent inability to find work is directly related to the views expressed in our writing and online history. But don’t cry for me Argentina, this is not some pity party, poor me, we were banned and nobody noticed. I would not change it for a moment. I am proud of all of the projects I have been part of, and most of all I am proud of Shane, who fought against all odds since he was a teenager printing his first Zine at a copy shop.

The thing is, I still see “Banned Books” as a much loftier accomplishment, surpassing even all Shane has accomplished, no one has made us drink hemlock – yet, the military henchmen haven’t shown up to stomp us. The banning of books is a serious, deadly serious thing. So to see ‘a refusal of reviews’ being a criteria for being a banned book just blows my mind, it trivializes all of the people who have sat imprisoned, and been hung or shot for putting words to paper, the people who have lost everything for telling a story, and those people exist, lots of them. I realize it all comes down to marketing, the absolute worst kind of marketing, over and over again, and I guess that most of all is where my sickness resides.

Here is the article that spurred this rant:

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How To Take A Year Off And Travel The Country For Only $180 Using Social Media

We entered a contest on Chris Pirillo’s board to try to win some new computer gear. Here is a link to the article, and the comments from people about it:

“A journey such as this is not for everyone, but for the adventurous few who dare, it is possible to survive for a full year on the road using nothing but technology – and a little elbow grease. Our plan was to use the Internet to find work, shelter and conversation.”

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Book Cover Contest! Help Us Pick!

This one is #3.

So the book is ready to go, all 531 pages of it, but we have had a hell of a time putting a face on this monster. We asked several artists to contribute covers, so far three have been completely unacceptable, and three are good.

In addition, we made a couple ourselves, and then a number of variations on the all ones we did like.  Now, we are totally confused because what are we trying to do here?  – Reach a wider audience? Scare people? Draw them in with cool art?  It is impossible for us to figure it out.

How do we express ALL that is in this book with a single image?


We present an opportunity for you to win cool prizes. Take a look at our now, er um 23 versions of the cover, and let us know your favorite and float it to your friends. You will be entered to win one of our DAILY prizes.

See the covers here:

Here’s the deal with the contest, all you have to do is LIKE your favorite cover, COMMENT on it, and SHARE the link on your page. Everyone who does this will be entered into the raffle, and then we will pick one name each day and send them cool and valuable prizes. So vote early and often!


Prizes include a Creative Class Trumos Ruling Class T-shirt, sticker and pins, a Vanilla Extract Kit, a bottle of WTF Hot Sauce, ‘Zombie Christ’ DVD, a book and CD of Poetry, A WTF Zine, and much more! Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Pre-Order, two limited edition versions of ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’

Michael Hunt Publishing is back Big Time!

After years of dormancy the controversial publisher returns with a book by Shane and Amy Bugbee called ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’.  This book and DVD set chronicles the daring, daunting, and ultimately life changing road trip the couple embarked on in 2007.

For more than a year they bounced from town to town, with their dog and turtle in tow searching for the American Dream and a place to call home. They began their trip with $180, a video camera and a laptop, and worked their way around the country via odd jobs and the kindness of strangers.  The journey begins after Shane and Amy are shunned and run out of a small town in Northern Minnesota.

This honest and gritty tale is told through journals, blogs, and interviews with the people they encounter along the way.

The book is 531 pages long, and that’s the condensed version! It includes a full length documentary.

It is available for PRE-ORDERS in two different limited edition versions.

To buy the book, click here.

ISBN: 978-1-929399-05-5

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