PRESS: Hear us speaking with The Gauntlet

The Shane And Amy Bugbee Interview On Their Year On The Road

The Gauntlet recently caught up with writers and documentarians Shane and Amy Bugbee. The avid metalheads recently released a book titled ”The Suffering And Celebration Of Life In America” along with a documentary of their journey across the country over a year.

During the year long trip, they interviewed Possessed’s Jeff Becerra, Gene Hoglan, Ian Mackaye, Averse Sefira and many other people from the American underground….

Listen to the audio at the following link or hit play and the player below:


PRESS:, asks the heavy questions…..

One of our favorite websites, has honored us with some tough questions about our trip, our lives, and our love of Metal. It is a great honor to be questioned by such a smart fellow as Brett Stevens, and be on!

Want to know more about ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’, our book  and movie? Want to know more more about why on earth we would spend an entire year traveling the USA filming people about America? Want to know more about the circumstances that led to our project?

The answers are here:

In addition, the rest of the website is awesome too!

A quote from the article, “They also caught the spirit of metal in their critique of society and its tendency toward herdlike conformity, along with a refusal to join in. The resulting adventures were insightful and humorous, and you can read them in the book. But for now, the interview…”

PRESS: Talk of Our Book on The Traveling Yeti

The Traveling Yeti has just added a brief write up about our Boovie project in their March issue.

Here is a quote: “Independent filmmakers and husband/wife duo, Shane and Amy Bugbee, sought out an expedition throughout the United States to capture the voice and see what it is that lights the fires in the souls of people around us.”

Here is a link to the article:

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PRESS: Bizarre Magazine reviews our new Book and Movie

Check out the current issue of Bizarre Magazine #197 (Shane’s favorite mag) for a review of our new book and movie, ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’!

Here is a quote:

“They came into contact with madmen, penniless intellectuals and scantily-clad ladies at horror festivals. They interviewed renowned Bizarre favourites such as Possessed singer Jeff Becerra, and Joel-Peter Witkin (photographer of corpses and ‘freaks’). They filmed ‘satanic’ fetish performer Szandora LaVey making out with another girl in the loos.  They discussed smack and spirituality with burlesque performers and scholars. They nearly froze to death surrounded by coyotes. They bummed around with randoms. They explored class and religion. They said “America, wtf?” And got wasted.”

                                                                                                                                            ~Bizarre Magazine 

Thank you Bizarre Magazine!

Order yours here:

REVIEW: From a metal head for metal heads!!! Better than the NY Times!!!

A great review of our book from

Here’s an excerpt from the review. To read the full review, please hit the link above.

“This is a book about driving across America to figure out what it’s all about. The goal was to discover it, and themselves, for the authors. In doing so, by approaching many classic musicians from non-standard angles, they captured a lot of what motivated them.  In addition, the Bugbees are no strangers to the type of experience that a metalhead has in a society that, whether motivated by Jesus or money or something else, doesn’t like the disobedient and too smart to conform and get in line for the easy jobs and abundant shopping. In their case, it was a professed interest in Satanism, horror movies, metal and pornography that attracted negative attention.”

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PRESS: Find art, life, dreams and pie, at Sou’Wester Lodge’s Anti-Art Camp

A great write up from news paper for an upcoming event where we will tell stories and show short movies from the book and movie… if you’re near, we hope to see you there… if you’re not, let’s make plans to do our brand of show and tell near you.

SEAVIEW, Wash. — A creative, cerebral and mystical experience awaits on the Long Beach Peninsula, starting Feb. 22 and lasting the weekend or an entire week. Meet new people and learn new skills, from painting with a million volts of electricity to building a mystical dream machine to screen printing tricks from the best, from assemblage sculpture to podcasting and pie making.

Artist Dave Archer will share the secrets of outer space and how he paints with a million volt Tesla coil. He will also tell stories about creating art for “Star Trek” – including the Federation logo – and singing in coffee houses with his best friend Janis Joplin back in North Beach in the early 1960s, as well as more from his extensive life experience.

Campers will gather around the fire at night and tell tales of road tripping with seasoned travelers and creative force Shane and Amy Bugbee, as they share stories of an America few ever witness. The two have been compared to Hunter S. Thompson, but with a mind based in reality. They dispel the nostalgia romanticized by Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” and bring road stories back to gritty truth. Having spent a year traveling the country on only $180, they will share how to do it and show their collected video interviews with artists, revolutionaries and others across the U.S.

The dream machine was made famous by William Burroughs and Brion Gyson; it is used to seek the answers of the universe, have a mystical experience and look into your soul. Some say no home should be without one, as they produce alpha waves in the mind, aid in relaxation and improve brain function. Some say it’s like an acid trip without the drugs.

Other artists involved will teach participants how to screen print, from T-shirts to fine art; a Second City alum will share the secrets of humor and show how to podcast in the new media world; there will be pie making, painting, crafting, music and more. And all this takes place in one location – the historic Sou’Wester, a 100-year-old lodge with a campground full of rental vintage travel trailers, nestled on the beach of the Long Beach Peninsula. Some events are limited to those renting a trailer, but visitors are welcome to drop in from noon to 7 p.m. for a variety of demonstrations and workshops, some of which are by donation and some free. Call the Sou’Wester at 360-642-2542 for details about each day’s drop-in activities or to reserve a trailer.

The Sou’Wester is located at 3728 J Place. For more information, email or visit

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We had a nice mention on SMN News:

The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America documents a wife and husband traversing across America looking for answers in ‘life’ and what the ‘American Way’ stands for. The duo meet (and the film features) Ian MacKaye of Fugazi/Minor ThreatJeff Becerra of Possessed, iconic drummer Gene HoglanMartin Atkins of Pigface, black metal band Averse Sefira, and Mike IX Williams of eyehategod.”

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PRESS: Obsolete Magazine: The Suffering And Celebration Of Life In America

We have another review of our book and movie from Rich Dana’s Obsolete Magazine  

Read it here:

Here is a quote from the review:

“The book’s narrative is strung together with diary entries, depicting the struggles of life on the road, odd jobs, sleeping in the van and working out of Kinko’s office centers. But the real meat of the book is the interviews. It could be called “Life on the Z List”, and the subjects are given their Warholian fifteen minutes of fame, sometimes kindly, sometimes not. From struggling artists and writers to the founders of the Baltimore Scifi Convention, the son of the founder of the Universal Life Church, members of an Austin Black Metal band, ranchers, strippers and a rum maker- it’s a cross section of outsiders and blue-collar visionaries that remind us that it’s time to turn off the mobile device and check back in with our own local oddballs and characters.” 

~ Rich Dana, Obsolete Magazine 1/24/13


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PRESS: Radio interview on KMUN’s “Arts: Live & Local” with Carol Newman

Last Friday (Jan. 18, 2013) Shane and I appeared on ‘Arts: Live & Local’, which airs every Friday at 3pm pst on Coast Community Radio, KMUN in Astoria, Oregon.

It is the quintessential show for what is happening in our community, and it’s host Carol Newman is the expert on all things cultural in our community. She is also a really great lady! Even if you don’t live on the Oregon Coast it is worth listening to online.

• Here is the MP3 of our interview:

• For more on KMUN, check out:

• For more on Arts Live and Local:

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