Now Home To Huge Collection of Raw & Unapologetic Documentary Footage

For Immediate Release 6/24/14 Now Home To Huge Collection of Raw & Unapologetic Documentary Footage


The Internet Archive recently became the proud guardians of the complete raw video footage from two video journalists’ year long road trip project. Shane and Amy Bugbee journeyed nearly all of America during a 12 month epic road trip interviewing Americans about the state of the nation, and producing some 200 short videos while on the road, their YouTube channel ‘A YEAR AT THE WHEEL’ has received some 1.3 million views and counting. They also gifted their 534 page book and full length movie titled ‘The Suffering & Celebration Of Life In America’. The footage at current count is nearly 200 hours, and it continues to grow as more is added.


The collection, is available not only to view, but for other filmmakers and journalists to use the footage for their own projects, as many of the interview subjects were notable artists, activists, and scholars.  Subjects include internationally known photographer Joel Peter Witkin, anthropologist William H. McNeill, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Attorney for the American Atheists Edwin Kagin, punk icon Ian MacKaye, the Godfather of Death Metal Jeff Becerra, American Indian Movement activist Dennis Banks, the black metal band Averse Sefira, and eyehategod’s Mike Williams, in addition to these diverse individuals the duo spoke with a Baptist minister, a Texas cattle rancher, UFO trinket shops owners in Roswell New Mexico, and a variety of others.


The Project called A YEAR AT THE WHEEL documented the full year leading up to the momentous 2008 presidential election, with the trip ending in Washington DC the day after the election. Ironically, nearly none of the dozens of interviewees spoke of the particular presidential candidates, but rather voting, the American Dream, and questions about art, religion, our societal structure and our political system. Their footage has been featured on syndicated news shows, and even in the Peter Jackson documentary ‘West Of Memphis’.  Being on the road for a year is a daunting task, even more they managed the entire thing with no grants, no sponsors, and not even a credit card, in fact Shane and Amy Bugbee began their trip with $180 between them!  Against the odds, the couple traveled the entire trip with their trusty friends and cohorts, their dog Cheyenne and turtle Myrtle in only a Chevy Blazer.


The couple chose to give the footage to The Internet Archive to assist its founder Brewster Kahle fulfill his dream of creating a library more vast than that of the Greeks.  While many millionaires choose to buy sports teams and such things, Brewster Kahle chose to help the entire world gain knowledge, something the Bugbees feel very strongly about, as both are self educated by libraries and private study, never attending a University.  The project of uploading the bulk of the footage took a full week at Internet Archive headquarters in San Francisco, and it continues to take a great deal of time to organize, label, and describe the work so others can view and use it for themselves. “The purpose of doing this is to share our work with others to not just watch, but to use in their own video projects,” explains Shane Bugbee. When viewed in order, it may very well turn out to be the world’s longest documentary.


The short videos that were released from November 2007 through November 2008 captured America in a state of flux and a snapshot of America’s last bit of media innocence. The Bugbee’s were on the forefront of citizen journalism, they saw the manifestation of frustration from the people, as those on all sides of the political spectrum started to agree that the system was broken.  Those frustrations led to the advent of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Tea PartyShane and Amy Bugbee’s fearless and brutally honest project certainly shed light on these events and helped inspire others to hit the road. The Internet Archive was thrilled to accept such a large collection of America’s recent history, they believe it will serve generations far into the future.


• For more on the collection at the Internet Archive, go to:

• For more on Shane and Amy Bugbee’s project:

• For more on Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive:

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EVENT: WOOP! WOOP! Detroit Underground Film Fest

“Everyone here really loved the movie, you have a lot of new fans.” Said Drew Boggemes, organizer of the Detroit Underground Film Fest (DUFF), during our live post premiere Q & A on August 22nd.

The small but enthusiastic audience praised the movie and asked questions about the project. It was great to see young people so engaged.  Modern technology allowed us to be on the big screen live after the screening to answer questions and throw out a few WOOP! WOOP!

We would like to thank everyone at The Detroit Underground Film Fest  for premiering our movie, “The Suffering And Celebration of Life in America”, and for participating in our Q & A with great questions and encouragement.  There are still two more days of this grassroots film festival, head on over to to find out more.

PREMIERE: Our movie at the Detroit Underground Film Fest

The World Premiere of “The Suffering And Celebration of Life in America” comes to the big screen for the first time ever, fittingly at The Detroit Underground Film Fest (DUFF) on August 22, opening night of the three day festival.

We are honored to have our movie screen here and we are in good company.  Other movies at the festival includes “Foxfur” from prolific director Damon Packard, “Animalada” from 2001 about a man and his love for his sheep, and a screening of the classic cult movie “Street Trash”.

Don’t miss the Detroit Underground FIlm Fest is you are anywhere near Michigan, as it will be unforgettable.

 From the DUFF website:

“After being ostracized from their community for Satanic allegations, husband and wife Shane and Amy Bugbee took to the road and went searching for the meaning of freedom. What resulted is a book, lecture tour, and this film. With an eerie ambient score and polarizing subject matter, it is an odyssey of talking heads unlike any other. From black metal musicians to political prisoners to people on the street, the Bugbees ultimately manage a kaleidoscopic point of view, though the message remains startlingly consistent throughout: the walls of America are closing in fast, but pushing back is worth the effort.”

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EVENT: Speaking engagement at HARVARD

Facebook Event Page for Harvard University speaking engagement:

The Fundraiser:


“A bittersweet slice of countercultural anthropology, in the tradition of Studs Terkel, bursting with flavor to savor.”

–Paul Krassner, author of ‘Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut’

“The book is a vivid reflection of the U.S.A. in our time, and Amy is a top notch cookie baker. May you both live long and prosper.” – R. Crumb

“They came into contact with madmen, penniless intellectuals and scantily-clad ladies at horror festivals. They interviewed renowned Bizarre favourites such as Possessed singer Jeff Becerra, and Joel-Peter Witkin (photographer of corpses and ‘freaks’)… They discussed smack and spirituality with burlesque performers and scholars. They nearly froze to death surrounded by coyotes. They bummed around with randoms. They explored class and religion. They said “America, wtf?” And got wasted.”
~Bizarre Magazine 

“Shane and Amy Bugbee, the Johnny Appleseeds of Podcasting” 
~The Viking Youth Power Hour

More about the Presentation:

Shane and Amy Bugbee present an informative, edgy, and entertaining look at the fabric of America. Their book and movie resides in a class well above the typical travel tale, this was not a week hiking in the Himalayas, or a group tour of Italy, this is a journey few can or would take.

The subjects tackled on their road trip project cover a variety of topics – All the things we are told not to discuss in polite company – yet were the very same topics their subjects were eager to honestly talk about. Shane and Amy Bugbee can gear their discussion or display into highlight subjects such as art, religion, politics, revolution, free speech, capitalism, and Americana. They are comfortable in a modern art museum, a lowbrow gallery, a college, a folk coffeehouse, or a punk rock club.

Shane and Amy Bugbee come from under the underground, from outside the outsiders. They are conceptual artists and social commentators of the highest degree, but not from the ivy league, they are from the trailer park and the factory. Had they gone to the “right” school or come from the “right” zip code their plight and their view would be different. Then again, the stories they acquired never would have been told if anyone else was asking. Shane’s lack of pretense, and the couple’s overall understanding of the lower classes and subcultures allowed them a look inside a world which polished filmmakers and snooty scholars would never be allowed.


Harvard Graduate School of Education

14 Appian Way, Larsen Hall room 203, Cambridge, MA 02138

PRESS: We’re heading to Harvard

It’s true. We’ve been invited to speak at Harvard. You can read a bit about it below. We’ll post more once the details are set. We do know the date, April 30th, so if you’re in the area, we hope to see you there.

Travelers head to Harvard

Read more here:

To help out, here’s a link to our fund raiser page:

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EVENT: We are at Clinton Street Theater in Portland, OR on April 9th

Join Shane and Amy Bugbee at the beautiful and historic Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon for an evening of travel tales and short videos on April 9th.

More info here:

And on the Clinton Street Theater website:

SEATTLE – YOU WILL LEARN… How to quit your job, leave your life and travel the country for over a year with only $180.

How to quit your job, leave your life and travel the country for over a year with only $180…. Yes, you too can truly tune in, turn on, and drop out – pack up the house and everything you own, put the work on hold, and spend a year traveling the USA with no money, and no back up plan.

Shane and Amy Bugbee did just that they packed it all up, threw it in storage, took to the road, and found themselves in a magical land full of kind people, wise men, and surreal experiences, it was amazing, it was life changing, and it all really happened in that mystical land known as America.  Armed with a video camera and a laptop, their dog and turtle, the creative duo (with a long history of underground publishing and activism) produced more than 150 short videos and dozens of blogs under some very harsh conditions.

Join the couple as they discuss the experience, tell stories and show short videos from their travels. While on their journey they met with and interviewed people from all walks of life — Pig farmers and artists, to christian ministers, ranchers, revolutionaries and rock stars, about the topics that decent people don’t discuss in polite company – Politics, Art, Religion, and Revolution.

At the VERA Project presentation the Bugbees will be feature videos of Case Breaking West Memphis Three footage, some of which was used by Peter Jackson in his new film ‘West of Memphis’, renown photographer and artist Joel Peter Witkin, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi/Minor Threat, Mike IX of eyehategod and many others.  They will offer copies of their new book and movie ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ for sale. This book and movie also marks a return of the notorious underground publisher Michael Hunt Publishing.

The Bugbee’s new book and movie that is called ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’, chronicles their year long road trip, tells about what drove them to such a drastic endeavor, and includes more than 40 interviews filling a 532 page book and an 80 minute movie featuring a variety of typical Americans that prove America is anything but typical.   It is available in paperback, an interactive PDF, and a limited edition hardcover with original art on each cover. Also, the book is being posted in a flip book form as 50 page segments every Monday on the book’s website:

Also joining The Bugbee’s at The VERA Project will be artist Dave Archer, who they met on the road and is featured in their book and movie. Star Trek artist and former beat Dave Archer, paints with a million volt Tesla Coil as his paintbrush and sang on the street with Janis Joplin when she was an unknown girl with a guitar in the early 1960s. See him do a live demonstration with a real Tesla Coil live. As part of their presentation, Shane and Amy will conduct a live interview with the road sage and master artist.

March 2, 2013 Doors at 7pm


305 Harrison St.

Seattle WA

• More about Shane and Amy Bugbee and their new book and movie:

• More on Dave Archer:

• More about The VERA Project:

• Call or Email Shane or Amy Bugbee 360-244-1662 or




Please spread the news and this flyer –  we’ll be in Seattle on March 2nd with our multi-media presentation including… road sage Dave Archer and his Million Volt Tesla Coil!! Thank you!

You can find out some here:

And even more in the event section of our website, here:

The Vera Project, Seattle


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