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As we post our book in 50 page sections every Monday for pay-what-you-want enjoyment, we also offer YOU a chance to win cool prizes while sharing our project with your friends and followers. You were gonna share it with them anyway, right?  Why not win a prize at the same time?

So far winners have won a hardcover of the book, all of our short videos on disc, and more!

It takes about 30 seconds of your time and the chances of winning are good, you can enter as often as you want, just share and tag!

Bellows photo is of the grand prize, a the hardcover book with embellished cover that retails for $500 ( )

SHARE OUR BOOK, WIN THIS BOOK: Each cover is embellished with one of a kind art from Shane Bugbee. There are only 23 books in this edition.

Here’s how it works:

Check out any of the book sections we have posted, they are on our blog every single Monday until all the pages are posted.

If you like what you are reading then SHARE the link to any other parts on your facebook, Twitter or other social media site, and TAG US.

SHARE and TAG, it is that easy!

We are using a computer generated “Random Picker” to pick our winners, so it’s all fair and even.

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Thanks for your support!

Look for our random picker results each week to see if you have won. Winners will be posted on this blog.

Enter early and often!

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EVENT: JUST ADDED! Live Presentation at VERA Project in Seattle, March 2, 2013

Press Release  2/6/13

A Road Trip, A Tesla Coil, An Honest Look At America, and the Passing of the Torch

An event like no other is coming to Seattle’s VERA Project on March 2nd. Come for a night of short videos, lively conversation, incredible artwork, and a million volt Tesla coil!

In November 2007, Shane and Amy Bugbee set out on a year long road trip, they planned to document America – what was really happening in America – and talk to people about subjects we are never supposed to speak of in polite company – Politics, Art, Religion and Revolution. They began their journey with a laptop, a camera, a dog, a turtle, and $180. They had no credit cards, no funding, and no one to call for help. They will be screening some of the short videos they produced on the road, and telling stories about their adventures.  They are also bringing along a special guest, artist Dave Archer who they interviewed on their trip.  An author, musician and artist, Dave Archer will demonstrate how he paints with a million volts of electricity, using a Tesla coil as his brush.

People said Shane and Amy would never make it, few thought they would even get out of Chicago (where the trip began), but however impossible the odds, they hit the road and they made it. Not only did they survive with no money and no back up plan, they thrived.  The duo produced more than 150 short videos, hundreds of blogs, and are now celebrating the release of a book and movie, ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’, chronicling their travels and featuring more than 40 interviews with some of the best minds America has to offer, that are not on TV – Ian MacKaye, Joel Peter Witkin, William H. McNeill, Edwin Kagin, John Sinclair, and Dave Archer to name a few.

In addition to the presentation given by the Bugbees, they will will conduct a live interview with one of the subjects from their trip, the artist Dave Archer.  As a young man Dave lived in SF’s North Beach, he worked at the coffeehouses frequented by the Beats, he knew well Allen Ginsberg and many of the others. He also had a good friend who played the guitar and sang, a shy girl with an amazing voice, who he brought into the coffeehouses so folks could hear her, her name was Janis Joplin.

At the VERA event, Dave Archer now 72, will appear with his young apprentice Brent Durand, to whom he is passing the Tesla Coil wand. This show will be the final public appearance of Dave Archer painting with his coil and he will pass the wand on stage, illustrating the vital importance of the elders and the young working together, two disregarded sectors of our society. The Old Master and the young protege, sharing knowledge, inspiration, and a million volts of power.

Shane Bugbee, who began making zines when he was 16 and living in his car, says “Book readings are boring, screenings are boring!  We want to offer more than that — a life lesson, so we came up with a multi-media presentation, one that illustrates a basic truth society seems to ignore, that the elderly and the youth have a vitality and power that is not being harnessed”.

Shane and Amy Bugbee have been a creative team for more than 16 years, together they have published controversial books, some even deemed obscene, and created a number of counterculture music and art events, they were in fact the very first to bring Black Metal bands to American shores.  Shane and Amy’s road trip project turned book and movie has been compared favorably to Beat writers like Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, as well as iconic broadcaster Studs Terkel, and John Steinbeck’s ‘Travels with Charley’.


305 Harrison St.

Seattle WA

March 2nd

• More info:

• More about Shane and Amy Bugbee and their new book and movie:

• More on Dave Archer:

• More about The VERA Project:

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EVENT: Here’s the flyer for ART CAMP, please share it with your pals…

Here’s the ANTI-ART CAMP flyer, it’s coming up Feb. 22-24 and beyond.

ART CAMP is a special event we are hosting at the historic Sou”wester Lodge, it will be a weekend (and maybe a whole week) to remember, full of art demonstrations, talks, and fun. We will be screening short videos and telling stories from our road trip, offering tips on surviving on the road with no money. To help celebrate the release of our new book and movie, we are bringing one of the interview subjects from our book, famed artist Dave Archer, former Beat, Tesla Coil painter, and Star Trek artist. In addition, Independent Printage will be teaching screen printing, Second City alum Matt Dwyer will make with the funny and document the events for his popular podcast, we will also have music from Dave Archer and Roger Hayes, sculpting and assemblage from Shane, I’ll be offering baking demos, and William Ham will be sarcastic.

Here’s the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE for more info:

The Sou’Wester Lodge is offering GREAT DEALS for the WEEKEND and the WHOLE WEEK! We are there as long as you are!

The Sou’Wester Lodge
3728 J Place
Seaview, Wa 98644
(360) 642-2542

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EVENT: DREAM MACHINES, TESLA COILS, ORGAN GRINDERS AND ART – Anti-Art Camp with Dave Archer, The Bugbees and More!

Anti-Art Camp with Dave Archer, The Bugbees and More!
Art Camp – Starts February 22, 2013


Come to the Coast – Anti-Art Camp – Build a Dream Machine, Paint with a Tesla Coil,
Hear Tales of Travel, Success and Failure from Real Artists Who Have Survived

A creative, cerebral and mystical experience awaits you on the Long Beach Peninsula, starting February 22 and lasting the weekend or an entire week.  Learn amazing new skills from painting with a million volts of electricity to building a mystical dream machine to screen printing tricks from the best, from assemblage sculpture to podcasting and pie making.

World famous painter Dave Archer will be sharing the secrets of outer space and how he paints with a million volt Tesla Coil.  He will also tell stories about creating art for star Trek – including the confederation logo, and singing in coffee houses with his best friend Janis Joplin back in North Beach in the early 1960s. Much can be learned from this wise elder who has seen the world showing his art, and he will dazzle you with his imported street organ, stories of the Beats, and a world of life experience.

We will gather around the fire at night and tell tales of road tripping with seasoned travelers and creative force Shane and Amy Bugbee, as they share stories of an America few ever witness. They have been compared to Hunter S. Thompson but with a mind based in reality, they kill the nostalgia romanticized by Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’, and bring road stories back to gritty truth. The duo spent a year traveling the USA on only $180, they will share how to do it and show their collected video interviews with various artists, revolutionaries and others across the USA.

The dream machine was made famous by William Burroughs and Brion Gyson, it is used to seek the answers of the universe, have a mystical experience, and look into your soul. Some say no home should be without one as they produce alpha waves in the mind, aid in relaxation and improve brain function. Some say it’s like an acid trip without the drugs.

Other artists involved will teach you how to screen print from t-shirts to fine art, a Second City alumni will share the secrets of humor and show how to podcast in the new media world, there will be pie making, painting, crafting, music and more. All this in one location – the historic and renown arts mecca The Sou’Wester, a 100 year old lodge with a campground full of rental vintage travel trailers, nestled right on the beach of the Long Beach Peninsula. They are offering great rates for this event, and all of the classes, talks and workshops are absolutely free!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the true underground and art making from brute to traditional, demonstrations and seminars are given by real working professionals who make a living as artists. Hear incredible stories from the lives of these brave and determined creatives about experiences that changed their lives, hanging on to one’s sanity, and the persistence required to make it on your own creativity.

Yes, you too can learn to survive and thrive as an artist. We can teach you how to quit your job, take back your life, and control your own destiny!

• More information Here:
At The Sou’Wester
3728 J Place
Seaview, Wa 98644
(360) 642-2542

• Anti Art Camp starts Feb 22, it will run all weekend, and into the next week if attendees are interested in staying all week.

• Participants:
Dave Archer:
Shane Bugbee
Independent Printage:
Matt Dwyer:
Amy Bugbee:
and more to be announced!

Feb. 22 – 24 and maybe beyond!
Reserve your rooms, cabins, or vintage travel trailers today at the Sou’Wester for ART CAMP starts February 22nd — We will go all week if you want it!
Great deals and specials on accommodations.
Call the Sou’Wester for rooms and prices: (360) 642-2542

Stop by for FREE, but when you get here you will want to stay – so call and reserve your room today!

Art Camp will inspire and surprise you! 
Art Camp will thrill you! 
It’s exciting and scary and fun, and informative, and full of art of every medium!

More artists added all the time! 
If you are an artist who would like to participate contact us.


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BLOG: Book & Movie Release Celebration Packs the House

On January 19th, 2013 we celebrated the release of our book and movie  - the “booovie” – called “The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’. We had no idea what to expect. Shane prepared a series of short videos just for the event, I baked what turned into ten varieties of cookies, and we hoped for the best. Lucky for us, we got the best! The art and performance space KALA@Hipfish was packed with one of their largest crowds ever – sold out – to standing room only!

This was an amazing feat in our minds, as the map on the website said our venue was far from it’s actual location, we had little press for the event and only printed up some black and white flyers. We did luck out that our local community radio station spoke about it quite a bit, and we were guests on the famed ‘Arts: Live and Local’ radio program, so that surely helped, but all the same we really did not know what to expect.

We live in Astoria, and have only done one other event since we moved here, it was called WTF Fest, a brief 5 city tour of artists and activists from White Panther John Sinclair to tesla coil space painter Dave Archer, doll maker and performer Ugly Shyla – all of whom are actually in our book and movie, along with a variety of other performers. We spent months on promotion for that event, printed our own newspaper, and had about 15 people turn out!

As great as it was to have some dear friends in our audience, it was reassuring that there were just as many strangers in attendance.

While setting up, I mentioned to the owner of KALA that I hoped more than three people showed up, she looked surprised, and told me “People here are interested in all that you and Shane are doing, they want to know more about you, I think you will have a good turnout.”  Shocking to me, she was right! The place was packed, even emergency chairs were pulled out of a closet, and people were squeezing together on benches. I was amazed!

With only minor glitches – the projector did not work with the computer so we had to screen our videos off of a dvd, we pulled off a most entertaining event. We screened many short videos, told road stories, and took questions from the audience. We even chased a few folks out the door with a couple videos that illustrated what put us on the road in the first place – That was the “Witch Trials” part of the show. Folks running for the door was reassuring to Shane as he worried we might have lost our edge.

It is hard to describe such a multifaceted project as ours was – a road trip, a documentary, a journey of self discovery, asking people across America questions about the very topics we are taught not to talk about in polite company – politics, religion, art, and revolution. The hardest part of course is explaining the “which trials” and how two perfectly stable people end up stuffed in a car with their dog and turtle, with no place to call home, or money in their pockets.

For a first event for this book and movie, it went extremely well. I offer a hearty thank you to all who came to the event, our host Dinah, and her staff Sid and Les, as well as Carol Newman and all at KMUN who promoted the event. Thank you all.


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EVENT: Astoria, Oregon Event – Calling All Road Trippers


January 19th, 2013 at 7 pm


1017 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR

KALA will be presenting a special event for road trippers and road trip dreamers.

Come and trade stories with fellow travelers and road trippers. Armchair travelers are welcome too. Hear stories about the highs and lows, joys and pains of traveling the roadways of the USA and the mind.

Join Shane and Amy Bugbee for a multi-media event featuring short videos (real short 1 – 3 minutes), photographs, and art.  See interviews with some of the people they documented on their year long journey across America, including Dennis Banks of American Indian Movement, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Minor Threat fame, and photographer Joel Peter Witkin.

The couple left on the the road with only $180, a camera, a laptop, and their dog and turtle, they spent more than 12 months finding America and discovering themselves.

• Enjoy home baked goodies and refreshing libations. $6 at the door. 

• This is a celebration of the official release of the book and movie – A “BOOOVIE” called ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ which is officially released in paperback and as an e-book on January 21, 2013.

• More on their project at:

• Check out the Facebook event here:


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Pre-order now available on Amazon!

You can now PRE-ORDER ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ on AMAZON for the January 2013 release:

The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America:

*If you have read the book please post a review at the Amazon link above, thank you!

Coming Jan 20th 2013:

• Softcover version, full color covers, 532 pages, including more than 40 pages of photos. – ISBN: 978-1-929399-05-5

• E-Book (not available for pre-order)

• PDF honor system download (pay what you can)

We still have a limited number of the limited edition version of the softcover and the hardcover , just click the BUY button on the top of this page. These collector editions include a book plate that is signed, numbered, and hand drawn, each is one of a kind, and includes a dog and turtle print.

In addition to the bookplate, he hardcover also includes a relief sculpture on the cover and a limited edition block print.

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The Nine Days of Pie AND Book Release Celebration!

From Day 2 of the Nine Days of Pie, 2012. A French pot pie made with chicken livers and Madera wine.

The Nine Days of Pie is upon us!

From November 1 – 9, pie is served every evening in celebration with friends old and new, even strangers too! Find out more about the Nine Days of Pie – the truest holiday ever – and get all the recipes for free here:

The Worldwide Celebration Facebook Page:

This year during the Nine Days of Pie we are EXTRA celebrating with the release of our brand new book ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ with a companion movie, ‘Politics, Art, Religion, Revolution’ movie — A “Booovie” Set special limited edition of only 100 with beautiful once of a kind, illustrated book plates. There is also an edition of 23 hardcovers.  More information:

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Book Cover Contest! Help Us Pick!

This one is #3.

So the book is ready to go, all 531 pages of it, but we have had a hell of a time putting a face on this monster. We asked several artists to contribute covers, so far three have been completely unacceptable, and three are good.

In addition, we made a couple ourselves, and then a number of variations on the all ones we did like.  Now, we are totally confused because what are we trying to do here?  – Reach a wider audience? Scare people? Draw them in with cool art?  It is impossible for us to figure it out.

How do we express ALL that is in this book with a single image?


We present an opportunity for you to win cool prizes. Take a look at our now, er um 23 versions of the cover, and let us know your favorite and float it to your friends. You will be entered to win one of our DAILY prizes.

See the covers here:

Here’s the deal with the contest, all you have to do is LIKE your favorite cover, COMMENT on it, and SHARE the link on your page. Everyone who does this will be entered into the raffle, and then we will pick one name each day and send them cool and valuable prizes. So vote early and often!


Prizes include a Creative Class Trumos Ruling Class T-shirt, sticker and pins, a Vanilla Extract Kit, a bottle of WTF Hot Sauce, ‘Zombie Christ’ DVD, a book and CD of Poetry, A WTF Zine, and much more! Fun! Fun! Fun!

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