PRESS: VICE says: Shane Bugbee Searched For The BAD SIDE OF AMERICA And Didn’t Find It

One of our favorite news sources VICE did an interview with us when we were on the East Coast, here it is:

“Shane and his wife Amy’s most recent “boovie” (book and a movie), The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America, is the result of over a year spent living on the road. The pair set out to make a scathing indictment of America, but unfortunately everyone they ran into was intelligent and nice. “My initial plan was to ask people to tell me about the good and the bad of America,” Shane says. “And then only publish the bad.” Instead, the book they ended up with is a weirdly intimate cross section of America, saturated with photos, journal entries, and interviews with the (almost) unfailingly kind and optimistic heroes and zeros they ran into on the road.”