BLOG: Rest in Peace Sweetest Cheyenne

Shane and Cheyenne at Graceland’s gate. May 2013.

Goodbye to our Best Friend

On this morning of June 14th, our trusted companion and our dearest friend, the greatest of our pack, fellow adventurer Cheyenne left this world for the cosmic plane of eternity. We don’t know what if anything lays beyond our lives here on this planet, but if there is anything after this, Cheyenne deserves the greatest of it. Her pure heart and her wonderful energy will be lighting up the universe forever.

Cheyenne is our family. Even though we don’t share DNA we surely share many molecules by now. She has lived with us for more than ten years and in that time we have had many, many adventures.  Shane, Cheyenne, Myrtle the Turtle and I have lived together in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.  We spent two years in the wilds of Northern Minnesota far up on the Iron Range where moose and wolves roam free. We spent some months in Southern California’s Laurel Canyon, an oasis of calm and vegetation in a city of concrete, and we have lived in the Pacific Northwest in both Oregon and Washington on the beach and at the mouth of the Columbia River for the last five or six years. Cheyenne has touched the lives of many as she is quick to make friends and impresses all with her wit, her smarts and her striking beauty.

She enjoyed her final adventure immensely, traveling across the country to the East Coast and taking in the Harvard University campus like she owned it. She’s been our constant companion for more than a decade. She taught Shane to listen, without using his ears, she taught us about real strength and power, and her character was second to none.  We called her “Cheyenne Dog of Adventure” because she loved an adventure more than anyone, she loved to explore. She lived for new smells and to meet new people and fur-sons.  We tried to give her all we could, but it is never enough for true friends, those few and fleeting creatures who love us and we love truly without condition.

Thank you for being our friend and our teacher. Our hearts our broken without you Cheyenne, please forgive us for letting you down, for being weak, and not doing better in the end. You deserved so much better.

Goodbye Miss Poochie, you really are the greatest poochie in Poochie Poochie Land, you are it’s queen, eternally.

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