PREMIERE: Our movie at the Detroit Underground Film Fest

The World Premiere of “The Suffering And Celebration of Life in America” comes to the big screen for the first time ever, fittingly at The Detroit Underground Film Fest (DUFF) on August 22, opening night of the three day festival.

We are honored to have our movie screen here and we are in good company.  Other movies at the festival includes “Foxfur” from prolific director Damon Packard, “Animalada” from 2001 about a man and his love for his sheep, and a screening of the classic cult movie “Street Trash”.

Don’t miss the Detroit Underground FIlm Fest is you are anywhere near Michigan, as it will be unforgettable.

 From the DUFF website:

“After being ostracized from their community for Satanic allegations, husband and wife Shane and Amy Bugbee took to the road and went searching for the meaning of freedom. What resulted is a book, lecture tour, and this film. With an eerie ambient score and polarizing subject matter, it is an odyssey of talking heads unlike any other. From black metal musicians to political prisoners to people on the street, the Bugbees ultimately manage a kaleidoscopic point of view, though the message remains startlingly consistent throughout: the walls of America are closing in fast, but pushing back is worth the effort.”

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