PRESS: 13 Questions by Ugly Shyla: The Shane Bugbee Edition

New interview with Shane Bugbee by the amazingly talented and beautiful Ugly Shyla. This is her new endeavor to interview people in the arts, read it here:

From the interview:

Ugly Shyla #1 Who,what,why,when wear. AKA who you are,What you do,Why you do it,When you started and where are you from?

Shane: What do I do? well, I cause trouble for some, fun for others… I live as close to my animal as I can…

Why do I do what I do? politics has always driven me if I have to have a reason, but there is never one reason, or seldom is there ever one reason… I’ve always been the odd man outside of the outside… I communicate and express myself in ways others either don’t get or they get too well and what they get, it’s deep inside of them, it’s animal and it reminds them they have given up and in, and drone on to only dream of the free and brave animal they once were.

When? well, like most creatives who take on the job title of artist, you could say I started as a kid with crayons and play dough or that I was just born this way… I’d say my official start was when I said fuck it, dropped out of school, ran away from home, lived on the streets, lived in my car and had nothing but me to understand… and I dove into zine publishing and stole time at kinkos and would bother the kinko folks to help me with the design programs and, kept moving from there, slithering side to side… prior to that, a very rich teacher, just before I dropped out of school, gave all of his students $100, maybe it was $20, but it seemed like $100, I think it was $100… he gave us the money to start a business…