EVENT: WOOP! WOOP! Detroit Underground Film Fest

“Everyone here really loved the movie, you have a lot of new fans.” Said Drew Boggemes, organizer of the Detroit Underground Film Fest (DUFF), during our live post premiere Q & A on August 22nd.

The small but enthusiastic audience praised the movie and asked questions about the project. It was great to see young people so engaged.  Modern technology allowed us to be on the big screen live after the screening to answer questions and throw out a few WOOP! WOOP!

We would like to thank everyone at The Detroit Underground Film Fest  for premiering our movie, “The Suffering And Celebration of Life in America”, and for participating in our Q & A with great questions and encouragement.  There are still two more days of this grassroots film festival, head on over to http://www.duffdetroit.com to find out more.