Book Cover Contest! Help Us Pick!

This one is #3.

So the book is ready to go, all 531 pages of it, but we have had a hell of a time putting a face on this monster. We asked several artists to contribute covers, so far three have been completely unacceptable, and three are good.

In addition, we made a couple ourselves, and then a number of variations on the all ones we did like.  Now, we are totally confused because what are we trying to do here?  – Reach a wider audience? Scare people? Draw them in with cool art?  It is impossible for us to figure it out.

How do we express ALL that is in this book with a single image?


We present an opportunity for you to win cool prizes. Take a look at our now, er um 23 versions of the cover, and let us know your favorite and float it to your friends. You will be entered to win one of our DAILY prizes.

See the covers here:

Here’s the deal with the contest, all you have to do is LIKE your favorite cover, COMMENT on it, and SHARE the link on your page. Everyone who does this will be entered into the raffle, and then we will pick one name each day and send them cool and valuable prizes. So vote early and often!


Prizes include a Creative Class Trumos Ruling Class T-shirt, sticker and pins, a Vanilla Extract Kit, a bottle of WTF Hot Sauce, ‘Zombie Christ’ DVD, a book and CD of Poetry, A WTF Zine, and much more! Fun! Fun! Fun!

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