e-book and e-movie here… Pay what you can and enjoy.

Below, pay what you can and you’ll find our book and movie.

This project has been years in the making… please respect that. We are offering it at as pay what you can, that means, pay more if you can.  We hope that if you like it that you will tell your friends about it, or perhaps pay a little extra as a token of appreciation and to make the work available to those who can not afford it.

The base price of .5¢ goes toward fees to Tiny Pass. This does not include hosting and bandwidth, the video hosting company, and the company that made the flip book possible. Even if you pay our suggested price of $9.99, very little of that actually goes into our own hands, which is fine. We did not do this project to get rich, rather we did it to make a difference in the world, to provoke thought, share our experiences and the words of the many people who gave us their time.

We have worked hard devoting more than five years of our life to produce it, struggling to make ends meet. This has been a long hard journey for us, but we are very proud of the outcome. We hope you enjoy this labor of love. We offer our project to you commercial free, ad free, and sponsor free.

By supporting the artists and creatives you appreciate, you insure they can continue to produce valuable and challenging work, rather than forcing them to seek funding from corporate sponsors, full of ads, and most likely very safe or censored, causing the slow death of art and expression as we know it.


pay what you can/want for our book & movie...

Our book and movies e-price is a pay what you can price, above the 5¢ we have to charge for fees. - Our suggested price is 9.99 - when you pay, you will receive: Access to our e-book (enhanced PDF) and e-movie, The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America. To those who pay above the suggested price, you will receive access to videos and stories that have never been seen and will not be released to the public.

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