The Book: Part 1 of 11, pages 1-50

Welcome to Part One of the book ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’.

This is page 1 through 50 of our book, and we offer it here with a pay what you can option. The paperback sells $25.  The entire book is 532 pages.  Hosting, building and maintaining the website, the app that creates this flip book and paypal fees all cost money, not to mention the 5+ years we have invested in this project with our whole hearts and minds.

This project was an enormous undertaking, and we did it with no support, no grants, no credit cards, which made it an extremely challenging task. We worked odd jobs off of Craigslist, and often slept sitting up in our car, we had none of the comforts of home for more than a year!  Why would we do this you ask? We wanted to do whatever we could to make a difference, to provoke thought, and to give people their say. Please support independent art and creative endeavors and throw us a token of your appreciation, think of it like tipping a waitress or a barista, and this is certainly more exciting than an espresso!

We will post this entire book in 50 page increments every Monday in eleven instalments, the week we post the final segment of pages we will also post the movie. Hopefully, this gives your Mondays a boost!  We hope you enjoy reading our words and those of the people who gave us their time to help document true America.

Thank you for your support and your time. We hope you enjoy our artistic expression.


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