CONTEST: Share and Win – Prizes Weekly!

YOU ARE A WINNER! (Or at least you could be)…

As we post our book in 50 page sections every Monday for pay-what-you-want enjoyment, we also offer YOU a chance to win cool prizes while sharing our project with your friends and followers. You were gonna share it with them anyway, right?  Why not win a prize at the same time?

So far winners have won a hardcover of the book, all of our short videos on disc, and more!

It takes about 30 seconds of your time and the chances of winning are good, you can enter as often as you want, just share and tag!

Bellows photo is of the grand prize, a the hardcover book with embellished cover that retails for $500 ( )

SHARE OUR BOOK, WIN THIS BOOK: Each cover is embellished with one of a kind art from Shane Bugbee. There are only 23 books in this edition.

Here’s how it works:

Check out any of the book sections we have posted, they are on our blog every single Monday until all the pages are posted.

If you like what you are reading then SHARE the link to any other parts on your facebook, Twitter or other social media site, and TAG US.

SHARE and TAG, it is that easy!

We are using a computer generated “Random Picker” to pick our winners, so it’s all fair and even.

On Facebook tag Shane Bugbee, Amy Bugbee or preferably Shane and Amy Bugbee

On Twitter, tag @ayearatthewheel

On Tumblr use Shane Bugbee

Thanks for your support!

Look for our random picker results each week to see if you have won. Winners will be posted on this blog.

Enter early and often!

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