PRESS:, asks the heavy questions…..

One of our favorite websites, has honored us with some tough questions about our trip, our lives, and our love of Metal. It is a great honor to be questioned by such a smart fellow as Brett Stevens, and be on!

Want to know more about ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’, our book  and movie? Want to know more more about why on earth we would spend an entire year traveling the USA filming people about America? Want to know more about the circumstances that led to our project?

The answers are here:

In addition, the rest of the website is awesome too!

A quote from the article, “They also caught the spirit of metal in their critique of society and its tendency toward herdlike conformity, along with a refusal to join in. The resulting adventures were insightful and humorous, and you can read them in the book. But for now, the interview…”