‘The Celebration & Suffering of Life in America’ chronicles an epic journey taken by a couple, a dog and a turtle over the course of a year. The book includes journals, photos and interviews with over 50 characters the couple met on the road, from punk rock legend Ian MacKaye to well known Creation Museum scientist Dr. David Menton, from a former stripper who brings sex workers to God, to a Black Metal band, and a retired CIA assassin. Their overriding subjects focus on politics, art, religion and revolution — All the things you don’t discuss in polite company.

The project produced over 150 short videos most of which are viewable on youtube.com and have well over a million views, a feature length experimental film edited completely in iMovies, and some 10,000 photographs.

Even more shocking, the couple did the entire project with no funding, nothing. They began their journey with $180 – and made it!

Shane and Amy Bugbee, creators of this massive five year project are available for screenings, exhibits and presentations.

The Book

The plan was to create a damning document of America and then get out of the country, instead Shane and Amy Bugbee found beauty in strange places, acceptance from individuals of every walk of life, and they found themselves, long lost to the rat race and the rules of society. Their planned hate mail, turned instead to a love letter for America, it’s people and it’s land.

‘The Suffering And Celebration of Life in America’ is a compendium of experiences, the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. The reader travels along with the couple, their dog and turtle, from the inception of the idea, through the planning stages, through the entire trip. The book is over 500 pages, with many photos, journals, blogs, interviews with numerous subjects, and more. They explore why this journey began in the first place, and are more than candid about the focus of the trip changing from a look at America and it’s issues to a story of self discovery.

Movie & Videos

In addition to the more than 150 short videos produced on the road that are on youtube, with well over a million views, they have produced an experimental film chronicling the voices of the people they encountered on the road. These individuals come from every walk of life and every socioeconomic group, and they openly discuss the good and the bad points of America, freedom, and faith.

The full length film, titled ‘Politics Art Religion Revolution’, it is an experimental film, it was edited by Shane Bugbee on his laptop, on his lap, while living in an R.V. under a tree, on the beach. It was edited completely in iMovies to demonstrate the accessibility of video technology for the masses, as one of the purposes of their journey was to bring new media to all people and all zip codes, and encourage others to participate with their own voices.

Both the shorts and the full length feature are available for screening.


The couple shot more than 10,000 photographs on the road. They have narrowed down their 200 favorites and offer them to museums and galleries for display. The images cover a variety of subjects including portraits, nature, and industry.  The images will only be available in small editions of high quality prints. Minimum show is 24 images.

They can be shipped framed, matted, or as flats in sizes to fit every facility.


Shane and Amy Bugbee are available for presentations, screenings, book signings and slide shows. They offer casual and informative accounts of their project and welcome audience participation.


If you would like to carry the book ‘The Suffering & Celebration of Life in America’, screen the film or shorts, offer a photo exhibit, host an in person talk or signing, or all of the above, please contact Creative Class Trumps Ruling Class Media for availability.

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