Shane and Amy Bugbee hit the road with their dog and turtle and $180 in their pockets, through the course of a year (and beyond) they managed to not just survive but thrive. Working odd jobs, staying with friends and strangers, using Craigslist and social media to find work and support, and filming the people of America.  They recorded a “State of the Nation” address, not from the ivory towers of out of touch politicians, but from the actual people living in it.

Their questions covered all of the subjects we aren’t supposed to talk about in polite company – Politics, Religion, Revolution, Art and Free Speech, and surprisingly most everyone was thrilled to talk about these taboo matters with honesty and candor.

These are their stories….

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‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ is a 532 page book and companion movie ‘Politics, Art, Religion, Revolution’.  The multimedia package is available for pre-order in two special signed and numbered collector’s editions starting November 1st 2012.

An e-book, interactive PDF, and softcover version is available January 21, 2013.

Both the book and the movie include numerous interviews with a variety of people, some known, some not. Below is a list of the more notable participants:

Martin Atkins
Dave Archer
Averse Sefira
Dennis Banks
Jeff Becerra
Joe Berlinger
Mark Byers
Mike Diana
Stephen Fleming
Jeff Gaither
Michale Graves
Andre Hensley
Gene Hoglan
Scott Horton
Edwin Kagin
Tommy Lanham
Annette LaRue
Mara Leveritt
Szandora LaVey
Steven Leyba
Mark Looy
Bob Madigan
William H. McNeill
Ryen McPherson
Dr. David Menton
James Michalopoulos
Craig Newmark
John G. Peeler
Shane Ryan
John Sinclair
Bruce Sinofsky
Ugly Shyla
Heather Veitch
Mike IX Williams
Timothy Wyllie
Joel Peter Witkin
Sid Yiddish
Plus, Fred Hampton, Colonel Sanders, The General Lee, The Black Panthers, the Mike Vick Pit Bulls, and much, much more!