The Authors

Shane and Amy Bugbee

Shane and Amy Bugbee

Shane and Amy Bugbee are a creative couple. They have pursued a never ending list of projects during their marriage, and continue to today. They have published numerous periodicals, hosted wildly varied events, and recorded numerous podcasts together to name just a few. 

Shane Bugbee began his publishing career at 16 while living in a Chevette, his first publication ‘Naked Aggression’ quickly became a favorite underground magazine in the Chicago area, even warranting a visit from the secret service to discuss some of the content within its pages.

Shane expanded his small company Michael Hunt Publishing to keep various controversial artists and  in print and began publishing comics and other periodicals in the early 1990s. He briefly owned an art gallery known as Goat on the North Side of Chicago, it featured a variety of low brow and controversial art, and was a thing of legend even though it last only 6 months.

It was at Goat that Shane met his future wife Amy, a factory worker and closet writer from the notoriously dangerous South Side of Chicago. They began working together publishing comics, books, and periodicals including the adult themed monthly art paper Chicago At Night. They also created a counterculture event known as the Expo of The Extreme. It was held in Chicago in 1997 and 1999, and mixed underground art and a variety of musical genres including punk, industrial, noise, and brought the very first Black Metal bands to American shores.

In the last decade, they have published a number of books, including Shane’s cookbook with serial killer Dorothea Puente, True Crime & Warped Minds, and the historic rant Might Is Right, as well as Amy’s ‘Hellraiser Homemaker’, a domestic survival guide. Additionally, Shane was one of an early handful of podcasters, eventually taking the reigns of an internet radio station and producing hundreds of episodes of programming.

In 2005, the couple moved to a small town in remote Northern Minnesota to care for Amy’s sick father. The drastic change caused them to turn over a new leaf and they began a gourmet soda pop company called ‘Ely Elixer’. The business boomed for two years until they were shunned when a “scarlet letter” was sent around calling them devil worshipers. They were forced to pack up and leave.

The couple headed to Los Angeles where they wrote and Shane directed an AVN Award nominated adult film. They left Los Angeles after four short months. They decided to embark on a year long road trip to document America during the 2008 election year and hopefully find a place to call home, thus they began A Year At The Wheel, which produced more than 1,000 hours of video footage, 10,000 photos, volumes of writing, and eventually the book and film ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’.

Since completing their travels, Shane has taken to the art of sculpture and is producing a great deal of amazing work. Amy has begun her own vanilla business, producing various vanilla products. Both have spent several years wrangling with this book and film project as well as all of the changes and ramifications that came with it.