Craigslist Joe harvests OUR ideas and/or is a typical LA rip off artist!!

Roadtrips are as old as the roadways, people have taken to the road in search of opportunity and/or adventure since time immemorial, millions took to the road during the Great Depression and the Dustbowl, the Northern Migration of Black Americans, and let’s not forget the Trail of Tears.  Road trips are as unique and as similar as as the next one. Authors such as Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck and Charles Kuralt all took to the road and wrote about it but as much as each is similar in some ways, each is different in many more ways.

When we began planning our year long road trip in the Spring of 2007, we searched the internet far and wide to see who might be doing or have done something similar, for example we found ‘A Year On The Road’, and at first our hearts sank but then we read their website and found it was a family traveling the USA for a year to spend time with their kids and give them an experience like no school books could. We found another couple RVing across Europe in a tiny trailer, and another couple RVing across America while making money as day traders. We found My Name Is Bill, a fellow doing daily videos from a variety of locations around the world and showing the cultures of the world. It seemed while lots of people were traveling the world and documenting it, none were doing it like we were planning to.

Our plan was going to utilize Craigslist to find jobs and places to stay, we planned from the very beginning to interview Craig Newmark founder of Craigslist, and talked about it in  video we posted way back on July 4th, 2007 (

We would stay not just with friends, but with people we met via the internet.  We wanted to stay with folks we didn’t know to really get a taste of America, and while we hadn’t planned to travel with no money initially, we ended up leaving on our year long adventure with $180, no savings, no credit cards, and no one to call if shit got bad.

We inspired many people during and after our trip, some people we met on the road went on to do their own projects and travels – a fellow in Texas did “A Month In The Air” flying all over the USA on Jet Blue Airlines, he also did a video series called “I’m a Real American”. An older artist we met in Oregon got in his van after we left and drove 800 miles to visit an elderly uncle. We also received emails from people who had been following along with our blog, and they did trips such as Eco-Jaunt, or Bus in Motion. We collaborated with Flux Rostrum who’d by 2007 had been traveling in a bus and reporting real news for several years, his Mobile Broadcast News was not unlike our project, but nothing like it at the same time.

There were also a number of unsuccessful attempts to follow in our footsteps. Two girls started out about the same time we did with the goal of visiting and sleeping in Walmart parking lots, they lasted a month or two before giving up. After our sponsor Podshow failed us we found out they were planning to use our idea to get their “safe” and under contract shows to do a road trip, they pushed “Dawn and Drew” to do one. “Geek Brief” raised some $20,000 off of their viewers in order to do a similar trip, but then decided that wasn’t enough money to give up the comforts of home for an extended period and cancelled.

In all of our marketing we talked of taking a snapshot of real America, being a litmus test for America, testing the power of technology to bring people together, and searching or answers to the pressing issues of our time – does the American Dream exist?  Is revolution possible? Is Capitalism a cancer or a cure? Where do we go from here? And we did ask those questions and we did discuss those things at length, and by the time our trip ended in November of 2008 we had more than a thousand hours of video footage, and over 150 short videos up on the internet for free which had received well over a million hits, as well as several of them being played on various alternative news shows on cable. Our footage included in-depth coverage of New Orleans and the effects of Hurricane Katrina, an interview with Craisglist founder Craig Newmark, and numerous additional interviews with a variety of Americans from all walks of life.

By the time we finished the trip, we were aware of at least one direct copycat of our project, it was a short lived series on Crackle that began in Sept. 2008 called ‘American Dreamers’, apparently the network decided there was no money in it, or they ran out of ideas. We had approached Crackle with our idea about the same time we had approached Adam Curry, and this was how show biz worked, one studio starts shooting a Robin Hood movie or a Wyatt Earp movie and “poof” another studio is doing the same thing.

Some time after our project ended, we contacted one of our subjects, The Roadium open air market in Southern California, to inquire about the name of an employee that we’d interviewed, the owner who we’d met while on our trip told us out of the blue, “Have you seen that TV show ‘Storage Wars’? My wife and I saw it and knew it was a rip off of your video about The Roadium! We knew it!”

We were shocked, as we did not have a TV and we’d never seen the show, but this man who owned The Roadium, where so many auctioned storage units end up, saw our video about his market and it’s economy and felt with complete certainty we had inspired a TV show. He told us we had to see it and we would see that it was true. It’s been a couple years we still haven’t seen it, but we have been told there is now more than one show covering this same subject.

Unbeknownst to us, a mere three weeks after out project ended on Election Night 2008 in Washington DC, a young man set out for 31 big days with no money using Craigslist as his tool of survival. This is not to be confused with Craigslist TV this is something different.

In the last week or so, three or four friends contacted us to ask if we’d seen this movie ‘Craigslist Joe’ because it seemed to them to be a big rip off of our project. No, we hadn’t seen or heard of ‘Craigslist Joe’ but we were of course curious, so we fired up the Netflix and gave it a watch. The opening narration alone had my jaw on the ground as he paraphrased and nearly directly quoted our press materials and website text. Yet as we watched the movie, Joe did very little to back up his narration, his question of how people were surviving the recession, it was not about the people of America, it was about him, all him.

We watched in dismay as he went to his childhood home outside Chicago – just as we had done in our pre-trip video ‘Shunned’.  We sat in horror as he talked about the devastation of new Orleans, and even cried a few alligator tears over something we’d made 4, 5 , 6 or more short videos covering, and really talking to people. When he began to type out his letter to Craig of Craigslist, well that was the last straw, this was a total and blatant copy of our project, and while he used our premise, and even our words, his execution paled in comparison, which in the end was the most upsetting part. Here this kid lifted our idea, basically remade our project in a typical, and condensed fashion and captured very little of the true emotion of the people he claimed to be documenting, and none of the sincerity.  Over and over again the people whom he claimed were the subject of the film fell into the backdrop as we were only given his reactions and his hardships. Every moment there was an opportunity to really tell someone’s story, it all went back to Joe.

We were shocked when it was all over, there he was sitting with Craig Newmark just as we had done mere months before, but he was asking no interesting questions.

Shane did a google search and found a review on the Hollywood reporter website, several of the lines in the article by John DeFore were quite curious, such as “Garner, for reasons unexplained here, decided in the wake of 2008′s financial crisis to simulate life without a safety net.”  That line said a lot to us, a whole lot. His reasons were unexplained because he was imitating and not genuine.

Shane posted a comment on the movie’s Facebook page and almost immediately got a message from Joe Garner the film’s star. “I’m sorry you feel the way you do. Unfortunately, I have never heard of your project A Year At The Wheel. So I can’t speak to the similarities. But I can assure you this was an original concept conceived in 2008 and have been working on it until it’s release in August.”

He suggested we were speaking without ever having seen his film, but Shane assured him that we were upset only because we HAD seen his film, and the similarities were too too many to be accidental.

He wrote back again, “I can understand your frustration if someone did in fact rip you off. That would be terrible and wrong and I also can imagine how many years and months you spent making your film, only because I went through the same thing. But instead of helping each other out or saying hey I know how hard it is to get a no budget documentary made congrats. You instead feel it’s necessary to attack me for no reason. Frankly, I don’t see why both films can’t co-exist?” (I guess he meant co-exist like my earlier example of ‘Wyatt Earp’ and ‘Tombstone’.)

Shane wrote him back again with a little bit of common sense, “I can of course only speak about Amy and myself and how we decided to go about things when we came up with the idea, especially because it was rooted in the new tech world, we used technology and researched… We dug deep to see if anyone had a similar idea or if a similar idea was in production. Hell, we didn’t want to invest time in something that was already being done, we wanted to make our own mark.
“Seems you, a media savvy person who works in the entertainment industry and has been schooled would have done the same thing? Now, I’m a high school drop out, but it seems to me a teacher somewhere would have schooled you on that and if not, the experience you have working with and in an industry that harvests ideas would have helped guide you to make an educated and smart decision like researching the subject you were about to spend years of your life on… After all, you’re a seasoned professional.”

This was reminding me of another experience we’d had with “show biz” back in 2002, when we heard David Spade talking about his upcoming movie, ‘Dickie Roberts’ on the Howard Stern show.  He was describing scenes that Shane and I were shocked to hear – He was outlining an unreleased Judy Tenuta movie we’d just so happened to see a few month before as Shane and Judy Tenuta share the same entertainment lawyer. I had just launched my website and knew I had a “scoop”.  I contacted Judy Tenuta who was fuming, and she put me in touch with the movie’s screenwriter Greg Glienna. He told me that they had screened the film in LA when trying to get distribution, and even though Spade was denying it, he knew he and his writing partner had seen it. I went ahead with the story on my website, which at the time had about 300 hits, and soon was threatened with a lawsuit by Spade’s attorney, in fact he tried to sue not only me, but my husband, mother and sister, each for a million dollars in an attempt to shut us up. The “Slap Suit” didn’t help him though, the release date of ‘Dickie Roberts’ was postponed and the studio had to put millions more into reshooting and reworking the movie, it was finally released some 6 months later.

That might sound paranoid, BUT Greg Glienna was the comic genius behind the movie ‘Meet the Parents’, (seriously, look it up) and he also told me when he’d been originally shopping that script around Hollywood in the early 1990s one studio ripped off the idea and produced the Pauly Shore movie ‘Son In Law’ from it, so he had experienced this first hand already.

The difference now was technology, as Shane says, “The technological revolution is making society transparent, where harvesting ideas and stealing ideas will no longer be possible. Instead Hollywood SHOULD be sending out recruiters to find the creative people out there that are on youtube and on the internet and hire them, rather than having these petty thieves that steal ideas”, because as Shane continues. “They will be caught and exposed today.”

So it goes back to basics, sure there are many, many road trip movies out there, all are similar BUT all are unique, as each is coming from the creator’s different perspectives, even say Beat poets and writers who maybe all came from a similar place, or had a smilier point of view, all of them expressed their views in completely different ways. The fact that ‘Craigslist Joe’ has so many unbelievable similarities, and exactly the same happenings, and near word for word comparisons, there is no way that the filmmaker was not aware of and lifting from A Year At The Wheel. Great minds may think alike, but not this much, this was just too, too much for coincidence. We are from completely different points of view and walks of life, so there is no way, this young man would be saying the exact same things and covering the exact same ground as us by chance.  This is a copy, a poor copy, and an obvious copy to more than just us, as stated previously, the project was brought to our attention by others who were upset.

Our Table of Contents…

Hope this helps to clue folks into what is exactly in our book.

Title Page – Page 1

Photos/Table of Contents – Page 2 – 47

Letters of Discouragement – Page 48

Theodore Roosevelt Quote – Page 51

Dedication Page – Page 53

Introduction –  Page 54 – 55

The Plan – Page 57 – 59

Our Manifesto – Page 61

Our idea accepted, a deal is made. Car & costs covered the Adam Curry way!!! – Page  62

37 days away from our departure… – Page 70

Two See-Worthy Podcasts By: Leigh Hanlon – Page 72

Build A Fig Rig – Page 73

Was Our Sponsor, Adam Curry Replaced by Pod People??? – Page 74

Letters RE: Adam Curry’s silence – Page 75 – 78

Adam Curry Is A Douche Bag Dot Com – Page 79 – 84

DIE Adam Curry ROT Artwork by: Mike Diana – Page 85

The Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute – Page 86 – 88

You know why everyone hates you?” – Page 89

Meet the Beverly Hellbillies! – Page 90 – 93

Ely, MN & The Shunning – Page 94 – 98

He’s not a Satanist! – Page 99

AMY’S DIARY PT. 1 – Page 100

Minnesota to Los Angeles – Page 101 – 102

Goin’ Back to Ely – Page 103 – 105

AMY’S DIARY PT. 2 – Page 106

Damn I missed one… – Page 107

Your chickens will come home to roost, mark my words. – Page 108

Freedom Fries On My Mind… – Page 110 – 111

The big November 4th Kick Off – Page 112 – 113

I am feeling like I just entered Bizarro World‚ and this is only Day 1 – Page 114

AMY’S DIARY PT. 3 – Page 115

INTERVIEW: Martin Atkins (Artist/Musician) – Page 116 – 118

A RUN-IN WITH: Sid Yiddish (Artist/Poet) – Page 119

AMY’S DIARY PT. 4 – Page 120

INTERVIEW: Mike Diana (Artist/Cartoonist) – Page 121 – 123

AMY’S DIARY PT. 5 – Page 124

On the 8th Day… – Page 120

Gathering Information on Waukegan is Unwelcome… – Page 126 – 127

INTERVIEW: William H. McNeill (Professor/Historian) – Page 128

War Memorial, What Is It Good For? – Page 129

AMY’S DIARY PT. 6 – Page 130

You can kill a revolutionary but you can never kill the revolution – Page 131 – 132

INTERVIEW: Joe Murphy (Black Panther Fred Hampton’s neighbor) – Page 133 – 136

AMY’S DIARY PT. 7 – Page 137 – 139

Family The Other F Word – Page 140 – 141

INTERVIEW: Marie Tharp (Owner/Bait Shop) – Page 142 – 143

INTERVIEW: Dennis Dull (Landscaper) – Page 144 – 145

AMY’S DIARY PT. 8 – Page 146

The Cookie Job That Almost Wasn’t – Page 147 – 149

We have finally left the Chicago area – Page 150 – 151

Trade your wife? – Page 152

Kinkos somewhere in St. Louis – Page 154

AMY’S DIARY PT. 9 – Page 155

A RUN-IN WITH: Tim Smith (Artist/Screen printing) – Page 156

Graceland – Page 157

WM3/WEST MEMPHIS THREE PART 1 – Page 158 – 159

INTERVIEW: Bruce Sinofsky & Joe Berlinger (Documentary Filmmakers) – Page 160 -162

INTERVIEW: Jason Hughes (Screen printer/T-shirt salesman) – Page 163 – 166

INTERVIEW: Mara Leveritt (Writer/Author) – Page 167 – 169

INTERVIEW: Mark Byers (Father of WM3 victim) – Page 170 – 172

WM3/WEST MEMPHIS THREE PART 2  - Page 174 – 179

AMY’S DIARY PT. 10 – Page 180

INTERVIEW: John G. Peeler (Ex-C.I.A. Hit Man) – Page 181 – 182

AMY’S DIARY PT. 11 – Page 183

Cookie Dreams and The Grandma Hammer – Page 184 – 185

Female Housekeeper Needed by Nudist – Page 186

AMY’S DIARY PT. 12 – Page 187

CAUGHT ON CHAT/WE TALK SMACK… The Nudist – Page 188 – 189

INTERVIEW: Jeff Gaither (Artist) – Page 190 – 191

CAUGHT ON CHAT/WE TALK SMACK… Khristina D. Smith – Page 192 – 195

Happy New Year 2008 has Risen – Page 196

AMY’S DIARY PT. 13 – Page 197

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Joe Hiles – Page 198

INTERVIEW: Joe Hiles (Serial Killer website owner) – Page 199

INTERVIEW: Dale Hiles (Grandfather/Father of Joe & David Hiles) – Page 200

INTERVIEW: David Hiles (Ex-KKK Member & father to Joe Hiles) – Page 201 – 203

INTERVIEW: Edwin Kagin (Lawyer/American Atheists) – Page 204 – 206

R.I.P. Helen Kagin – Page 207

INTERVIEW: Mark Looy (Co-founder/Creation Museum) – Page 208 – 209

INTERVIEW: Dr. David Menton (Scientist/Creation Museum) – Page 210 – 212

Husband For Rent – Page 214 – 215

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Marceline Atkins – Page 216 – 217

INTERVIEW: Old Chism (Side of the road salesman) – Page 218 – 219

INTERVIEW: Derrick Perkins (Owner of the General Lee) – Page 220

INTERVIEW: James Frye (Pigfarmer) – Page 221 – 223

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Tommy & Tammy Lanham – Page 224 – 225

INTERVIEW: Tommy & Tammy Lanham (Christian Minister & Photographer) – Page 226 – 228

An Uninvited Guest – Page 229

INTERVIEW: Junior Woods (Asst. Manager of the original KFC) – Page 230 – 231

INTERVIEW: Julie Jay (Abused dog care/ASPCA) – Page 232

Dukes of Hazzard & Hellraiser Homemakers – Page 234 – 235

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Brandon D – Page 236

INTERVIEW: Brandon D Interview (Artist) – Page 237 – 238

The Human Race Ain’t So Bad – Page 239

A RUN-IN WITH: Sean Herman (Tattoo Artist) – Page 240

24 Hour Kinkos, Montgomery, AL — No sleep ’til Mobile! – Page 241

A RUN-IN WITH: Powell Hamlin (Dew Drop Inn owner) – Page 242

AMY’S DIARY PT. 14 – Page 243

The only ones for me are the mad ones‚ By Jillian Hayes – Page 244 – 245


A RUN-IN WITH: Diamondhead resident (Beer Drinker/Hellraiser) – Page 251

AMY’S DIARY PT. 15 – Page 252 – 253

INTERVIEW: Mr. Chris, Belle, and Jillian (Katrina survivors) – Page 254 – 257

We hit the 90 Day mark — At Mardi Gras! – Page 258

AMY’S DIARY PT. 16 – Page 259

INTERVIEW: John Sinclair (Poet/Revolutionary) – Page 260 – 264

Kernis: Gumbo Champion – Page 266

INTERVIEW: Kernis Louviere (Gumbo Champ/Chef) – Page 267 – 268

The future is corporate. – Page 269

AMY’S DIARY PT. 17 – Page 270

A RUN-IN WITH: Brooks Hamaker (Rum/Beer Maker) – Page 271

INTERVIEW: Mike & Michelle Williams & Collin Yeo (Artists & Musicians) – Page 272 – 274

INTERVIEW: Steve What Style (Artist & Illustrator) – Page 275 – 276

INTERVIEW: Annette LaRue (Tattoo Artist) – Page 277 – 278

Born On The Bayou? New Orleans: Day 104 – Page 277 – 278

AMY’S DIARY PT. 18 – Page 280

INTERVIEW: Rex Dingler (Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Poet) – Page 281 – 282

INTERVIEW: James Michalopoulos (Artist, Painter) – Page 283 – 284

INTERVIEW: Pat Jolly (Artist, Photographer) – Page 285 – 286


SUBJECT RESPONSE: Ugly Shyla – Page 291

INTERVIEW: Ugly Shyla (Artist, Doll, Jewelry Maker) – Page 292 – 293

AMY’S DIARY PT. 19 – Page 294

DAY 120 – AUSTIN, TX – Page 295

INTERVIEW: Scott Horton (Radio Host, Social Commentator) – Page 296 – 297

INTERVIEW: Caleb “Shooter” Schaber (Artist, Writer, Social Commentator) – Page 298 – 303

Combat Photojournalist Suicide: The Price of Conflict is Too High by: Tim King  - Page 304 – 305

INTERVIEW: Averse Sefira (Black Metal Band, Artists) – Page 306 – 309

AMY’S DIARY PT. 20 – Page 310 – 311


A RUN-IN WITH: Michale Graves – Page 313

Staying Afloat – Page 314

CAUGHT ON CHAT/WE TALK SMACK… Charles Roberts – Page 315 – 319

AMY’S DIARY PT. 21 – Page 320

We spent all day playing with Crowley’s original writings – Page 321

INTERVIEW: Bishop Tau Marie Interview – Page 322 – 323

Barbara Bush was actually the daughter of Aleister Crowley. –  Page 324 – 325

Oh Austin, I Barely Knew Ye – Page 326

INTERVIEW: Rodrigo & Kalisa Neely (Radio Host, Blogger) – Page 327 – 328

Journalism By: Rodrigo Neely – Page 329

Spring in TX – Page 330

INTERVIEW: Tim Edwards (Cattle Rancher) – Page 331 – 332

INTERVIEW: Stephen Fleming (Artist, Painter, Writer) – Page 333 – 335

The Strangest Job Of All – Page 336 – 337

INTERVIEW: Pedro Ruiz (Salsa Maker) – Page 338 – 339

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Steven Johnson Leyba – Page 340 – 341

INTERVIEW: Steven Leyba (Artist, Painter, Writer) – Page 342 – 344

INTERVIEW: Timothy Wyllie (Artist, Painter, Writer) – Page 345 – 347

INTERVIEW: Joel Peter Witkin (Artist, Photographer) – Page 348 – 351

Rick and Rhi met up with us at a fast food restaurant – Page 352

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Rick and Rhi Denissen – Page 353

INTERVIEW: Rick and Rhi Denissen (Electrician, Graphic Designer) – Page 354 – 355

Haven’t heard of The Longest Walk? – Page 356

INTERVIEW: Dennis Banks (Leader, Teacher) – Page 357 – 358

INTERVIEW: Andrew Benally (Activist) – Page 359 – 360

AMY’S DIARY PT. 22 – Page 361

INTERVIEW: Grant Mitchell (Horse Whisperer, Rancher) – Page 363 – 364

AMY’S DIARY PT. 23 – Page 365

Surprise at Surprise Valley Ranch – Page 366 – 368

AMY’S DIARY PT. 24 – Page 370 – 371

ALL IS LOST – ALL SOLD OFF – Page 372 – 373

AMY’S DIARY PT. 25 – Page 374

INTERVIEW: Ryen McPherson (Artist, Filmmaker) – Page 375 – 377

AMY’S DIARY PT. 26 – Page 378 – 379

Almost Halfway – Page 380

INTERVIEW: Heather Veitch (Christian Minister, Ex-Stripper) – Page 381 – 383

INTERVIEW: Szandora LaVey (Satanic Priestess, Burlesque Dancer) – Page 384 – 387

AMY’S DIARY PT. 27 – Page 388 – 389

R.I.P. MOM – DAD – COUNTRY – Page 390 – 392

INTERVIEW: Ron Freytes (Security Guard) – Page 394 – 395

What we did on Mother’s Day… – Page 396 – 397
(we lost everything and mother lit the match)

AMY’S DIARY PT. 28 – Page 398

The Dejected Ducks – Page 399

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Shane Ryan – Page 400 – 401

INTERVIEW: Shane Ryan (Filmmaker) – Page 402 – 406

The house was perched on Okinawa avenue – Page 407 – 409

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Matthew and Amanda Rodgers – Page 410 – 412


It seems like 90% of the folks we stay with bring up travel journals – Page 417

INTERVIEW: Maria Roddy (Librarian) – Page 418 – 419

Stayin’ in SF – Page 420

SUBJECT RESPONSE: Nathan Brinlee and Sarah Kandinko, – Page 421

A RUN-IN WITH: Sarah Kandinko and Nathan Brinlee – Page 422 –  423

What is an Anarchist? – Page 424 – 427

INTERVIEW: Bob Madigan (Artist, Musician) – Page 428 – 430

INTERVIEW: Mykee Ramen (Artist, Musician) – Page 431 – 433

INTERVIEW: Craig Newmark  (Engineer) – Page 434 – 436

INTERVIEW: Andre Hensley (Pastor) – Page 438 – 440

AMY’S DIARY PT. 29 – Page 441

The Possession Of Jeff Becerra – Page  442 – 446

INTERVIEW: Jeff Becerra (Musician) – Page 447 – 450

Heavy Metal Legend Falls Ill – Page 451

To Trust Or Not To Trust, that is the question? – Page 452 – 453

SUBJECT STUDY: Dave Archer – Page 454 – 456

INTERVIEW: Dave Archer (Artist, Painter, Writer) – Page 457 – 458

INTERVIEW: Gene Hoglan (Drummer) – Page 459 – 460

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Plunderathon 2008 – Page 463

INTERVIEW: Lonnie D. Wages (Musician) – Page 464 – 465

Val in Vancouver – Page 466 – 467

1976 Chevy Motorhome Runs Great – Page 468

A RUN-IN WITH: Dr. Nice – Page 470


Let’s Talk Devil Worship – A Final Letter To Family. – Page 474 – 479

We Shed Our Skin In Portland – Page 480

AMY’S DIARY PT. 31 – Page 484 – 486

The BEST 4th of July EVER! – Page 487

AMY’S DIARY PT. 32 – Page 488

RV Living and Getting Out Of The Twilight Zone – Page 489

AMY’S DIARY PT. 33 – Page 490

The Kindness of Strangers and the Strangeness of Friends – Page 491

AMY’S DIARY PT. 34 – Page 492 – 493

Wow, Ten Months on the road! – Page 494

AMY’S DIARY PT. 35 – Page 495

Shane & Amy’s RNC/DNC coverage – Page 496 – 497

On the Long Beach Peninsula preparing to finish the trip  - Page 498

AMY’S DIARY PT. 36 – Page 499

The Straight Talk To Hell Express – Page 500 – 501

AMY’S DIARY PT. 37 – Page 502 – 503

Are you an American Citizen? – Page 504 – 505

Election Night 2008 – Page 506 – 507

Ian MacKaye for President  - Page 508

INTERVIEW: Ian MacKaye (Musician) – Page  509 – 521

AMY’S DIARY PT. 38 – Page 522

Safely back in the RV on the seashore with the dog and turtle  - Page 523 – 525

The RV is Gone  - Page 526

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The Tramp – Page 528