PRESS: Interview with SEATTLE WROTE.

SEATTLE WROTE. Seattle Author(s): Writing About a Year Behind the Wheel

We are honored to have been interviewed for the great site SEATTLE WROTE recently, it is our pleasure to be featured on this literary website.

Read it here:

Shane and Amy Bugbee are a couple who embarked on a unique journey to discover life in America. Their first book, The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America was released late in January 2013.

They graciously agreed to participate in a Q&A here on Seattle Wrote:   

Q: What inspired the book and experience? Was it a joint goal or did one follow the other?

SHANE: One followed the other. The experience started as a forced experience since we were run out of our town. Being creatives, we tried to make the best of it and create a project out of it, and we headed to L.A. I had been offered a gig directing adult films.
The experience we had being run out of town changed me; I couldn’t, wouldn’t be the same person anymore. The politics of the day had us in a state of mind where we couldn’t even listen to the news. Our problems seemed to be relatable with the issues every American was having, so, the idea of our road trip grew out of our personal torment and the decline of the American dream that was being reported on the news.”

For more read the interview.

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The Book: Part 8, Pages 351-400

Welcome to Part Eight of the book ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’.

This are pages 351 through 400 of our book, and we offer it here for whatever you think it is worth. Hopefully, this gives your Monday a boost!

This section features Dennis Banks and The Longest Walk, ‘Bumfights’ creator Ryen McPherson, Szandora LaVey and Heather Veitch (quite the juxtaposition!), and the darkest moment of our road trip – Total betrayal! If you thought my sister tossing us out on the streets at the beginning of our trip was bad, it was nothing in comparison to this! You will laugh, you may cry, and you will probably get angry. Enjoy!

We offer the book and movie as an interactive PDF and a streaming video in a pay-what-you-can honor system model, or $25+shipping for the paperback, you can get it here:

The hosting, building and maintaining the website, the app that creates this flip book and paypal fees all cost money, not to mention the 5+ years we have invested in this project with our whole hearts and minds.  This project was an enormous undertaking, and we did it with no support, no grants, no credit cards, which made it an extremely challenging task. We had none of the comforts of home for more than a year!  We worked odd jobs, and slept sitting up in the front seat of our car quite often.

Why would we do this you ask?  We wanted to do whatever we could to make a difference, to provoke thought, and to give people their say.  We hope you enjoy reading our words and those of the people who gave us their time to help document true America.

Please support independent art and creative endeavors and throw us a token of your appreciation, think of it like tipping a waitress or a barista, and this is certainly more long lasting than an espresso!

Thank you for your support and your time. Please enjoy our artistic expression.

PRESS:, asks the heavy questions…..

One of our favorite websites, has honored us with some tough questions about our trip, our lives, and our love of Metal. It is a great honor to be questioned by such a smart fellow as Brett Stevens, and be on!

Want to know more about ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’, our book  and movie? Want to know more more about why on earth we would spend an entire year traveling the USA filming people about America? Want to know more about the circumstances that led to our project?

The answers are here:

In addition, the rest of the website is awesome too!

A quote from the article, “They also caught the spirit of metal in their critique of society and its tendency toward herdlike conformity, along with a refusal to join in. The resulting adventures were insightful and humorous, and you can read them in the book. But for now, the interview…”

EVENT: We are at Clinton Street Theater in Portland, OR on April 9th

Join Shane and Amy Bugbee at the beautiful and historic Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon for an evening of travel tales and short videos on April 9th.

More info here:

And on the Clinton Street Theater website:

SEATTLE – YOU WILL LEARN… How to quit your job, leave your life and travel the country for over a year with only $180.

How to quit your job, leave your life and travel the country for over a year with only $180…. Yes, you too can truly tune in, turn on, and drop out – pack up the house and everything you own, put the work on hold, and spend a year traveling the USA with no money, and no back up plan.

Shane and Amy Bugbee did just that they packed it all up, threw it in storage, took to the road, and found themselves in a magical land full of kind people, wise men, and surreal experiences, it was amazing, it was life changing, and it all really happened in that mystical land known as America.  Armed with a video camera and a laptop, their dog and turtle, the creative duo (with a long history of underground publishing and activism) produced more than 150 short videos and dozens of blogs under some very harsh conditions.

Join the couple as they discuss the experience, tell stories and show short videos from their travels. While on their journey they met with and interviewed people from all walks of life — Pig farmers and artists, to christian ministers, ranchers, revolutionaries and rock stars, about the topics that decent people don’t discuss in polite company – Politics, Art, Religion, and Revolution.

At the VERA Project presentation the Bugbees will be feature videos of Case Breaking West Memphis Three footage, some of which was used by Peter Jackson in his new film ‘West of Memphis’, renown photographer and artist Joel Peter Witkin, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi/Minor Threat, Mike IX of eyehategod and many others.  They will offer copies of their new book and movie ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ for sale. This book and movie also marks a return of the notorious underground publisher Michael Hunt Publishing.

The Bugbee’s new book and movie that is called ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’, chronicles their year long road trip, tells about what drove them to such a drastic endeavor, and includes more than 40 interviews filling a 532 page book and an 80 minute movie featuring a variety of typical Americans that prove America is anything but typical.   It is available in paperback, an interactive PDF, and a limited edition hardcover with original art on each cover. Also, the book is being posted in a flip book form as 50 page segments every Monday on the book’s website:

Also joining The Bugbee’s at The VERA Project will be artist Dave Archer, who they met on the road and is featured in their book and movie. Star Trek artist and former beat Dave Archer, paints with a million volt Tesla Coil as his paintbrush and sang on the street with Janis Joplin when she was an unknown girl with a guitar in the early 1960s. See him do a live demonstration with a real Tesla Coil live. As part of their presentation, Shane and Amy will conduct a live interview with the road sage and master artist.

March 2, 2013 Doors at 7pm


305 Harrison St.

Seattle WA

• More about Shane and Amy Bugbee and their new book and movie:

• More on Dave Archer:

• More about The VERA Project:

• Call or Email Shane or Amy Bugbee 360-244-1662 or