SAMPLES: Short videos of Caleb Scaber

Sometime Embeded Journalist covering the War. Artist. One time candidate for Mayor of Seattle. Actor. Stand Up Comic. Caleb ‘Shooter’ Schaber can do anything, anywhere and at anytime.

Part 4. See it here:

Part 1 Caleb Schaber:

Part 2 Caleb Schaber:

Part 3 Caleb Schaber:

The Book: Part 7 of 11, Pages 301-350

Welcome to Part 7 of our book ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’.

This section brings us through Texas and New Mexico, some of the very best days of our trip.

We spent months planning this trip, a year living it, and four more years putting this together. It was hard and emotional, and required facing a lot of things we did not want to face. If you have been reading along, then you know.

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