The Book: Part 10, Pages 451-500

Welcome to Part Ten of the book ‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’.

This are pages 451 through 500 of our book, and we offer it here for whatever you think it is worth. Hopefully, this gives your Monday a boost!

This section includes interviews with Gene Hoglan, possibly the greatest metal drummer of all time, and Dave Archer, a great artist who uses a million volt Tesla Coil as his paintbrush.  It also follows our journey to the beach, where we spent that last days of our trip and began a new life after this project was done. Happy Reading!

We offer the book and movie as an interactive PDF and a streaming video in a pay-what-you-can honor system model, or $25+shipping for the paperback, you can get it here:

The hosting, building and maintaining the website, the app that creates this flip book and paypal fees all cost money, not to mention the 5+ years we have invested in this project with our whole hearts and minds.  This project was an enormous undertaking, and we did it with no support, no grants, no credit cards, which made it an extremely challenging task. We had none of the comforts of home for more than a year!  We worked odd jobs, and slept sitting up in the front seat of our car quite often.

Why would we do this you ask?  We wanted to do whatever we could to make a difference, to provoke thought, and to give people their say.  We hope you enjoy reading our words and those of the people who gave us their time to help document true America.

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Thank you for your support and your time.  Please enjoy our artistic expression.